fredag 24. februar 2017

H is for Hummingbird - 52 Card Challenge

Hello everyone.. So Maremi - Marta Lapkowska has this great Creative Cafe on facebook where you can share your love for all things Art, and she started this great challenge where you alter a playing card making this super sweet ATC like treasures. So I wanted to join in because it's a great to explore and expand your own creative boundries. Anyways.. I starting at the end of the line, not with the first card with the letter A, but with letter H... And H is for Hummingbirds..

So as an additonal twist I thought.. why don't I do a video tutorial of every card I make? Hopefully I will make all 52 cards.. that means 52 videos.. Here's my card:

The card is made out of Prima's Alphabet Cards and is the same size as playing cards. I've used a image transfer technique to transfer the bird witch I found on pintrest. I can't draw if my life depended on it.. and used watercolors to color the bird.. You can watch the whole proccess in the video below.

I will have to play "catch up" to get caught up from A-G so hopefully there will be some more videos in the next weeks or soo.. could be months too... let's not rule anything out.. 

So there you have it, my first card for the challenge. :) Hope you liked my tutorial and thank you for visiting my blog today! Have a great creative day! 


2 kommentarer:

Torsa Saha sa...

Beautiful!! love the image transfer technique!! I am going to try that !! Hugs 💕

Frk. Bogstad sa...

Låååvlyy ♥
Kjempeflott ATC :)