onsdag 15. januar 2014

Layout with Art Anthology and a small tutorial..

I've come to a decision about my blog and that's to start writing it in English. It's much easier when I make post for designteams I work for.. :) This layout is made for Art Anthology with a small tutorial on how you can make your own ink pads using colorations mist.

It's important to know that the ink in colorations aren't permanent. So the project has to be done before you add the ink or else the ink will blend with the other colors or water you add.

First find the colorations you want to use. I wanted to use a dark color for my stamping, so I chose the Raider. Spritz some color on a piece of cut'n dry and make sure the whole thing is filled with color. Than it's just to use it like a ordinary stamp pad.  To keep it moist put it in a small plastic bag and just refresh the pad when you are going to use it again. I've used different stamps from 3rd Eye.
The print get's a bit more watery and not that perfect as permant ink. But not perfect is good, right?

And here is my layout done! I've also used gesso and Mayan Gold Velvet. I also sprinkled alot of small drops of colorations, like heart, honey bee, timeless and watermelon. The paper I've used is from Glitz design. I've aslo used chipboards from 3rd Eye and a bagde. Flowers are from Prima.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my layout today! I hope to use my blog a bit more this year. Have a creative night! :) 

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Monica sa...

This was lovely. I hope you use your blog more too!!

Mai-Britt sa...

Det er en nyydelig Lo og en inspirerende tutorial. Tak :-)